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Playing as Support Class in Battlefield 3

Playing as the Support class in Battlefield 3 is all about supporting your team mates, as the name would indicate. Featuring the ability to drop bags of ammunition to keep your teammates ammo stocked up,as well as fire long continuous bursts at enemies to keep them suppressed, the Support class is an absolute necessity in […]

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Another Great Napoleonic Event

The 10th International Napoleonic Fair, held on Sunday 16th February at London’s Royal National Hotel, was a great success. The show, which attracted visitors from all over the world, is well and truly established as the subject area’s key event.

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New Military Series Launched by Osprey

The full history of fortification and defensive technology is explored in FORTRESS, a new series from Osprey. Using locations which have withstood some of the most important clashes in the history of warfare across the ages Fortress offers a comprehensive and structured survey of the world’s most significant forts, defensive systems and strategic positions.

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Mod News

Verge of Armageddon is a Battlefield 2 MOD, The mod is based on Red Alert 2 wich means the battle will rage between the Allied and the Soviet. Our plans are to use all the units and building from ra2 and more. This includes the Weather control and Nuke silo. We are also short on […]

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