Jack “jacksfrags” Mason is a YouTuber from Wolverhampton. His channel features hours and hours of videos on the popular Battlefield franchise. His channel features relevant news and patch notes as well as gameplay and commentary. Aside from Battlefield, he plays Apex Legends, Rainbow Six Siege, Medal of Honor, and other shooter games.

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LevelCapGaming is a channel run by Charlie Goldberg who is an American YouTuber known for his video game-related content. On his channel, he plays mostly shooter games including the Battlefield franchise, PUBG, Destiny, Call of Duty and more. His videos often center around cool tips and tutorials to help people play better.

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TheRussianBadger is a Twitch streamer and a Youtuber that posts fairly regular videos about video games. He plays mostly shooters such as CSGO, Rainbow Six Siege, and The Division 2. Since starting his channel, he’s gained over 2 million followers as of March 2019.

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Alastair Aiken A.K.A. Ali-A is a very popular British YouTuber known for his Call of Duty and Fortnite videos. With the amount of subscribers and views he gets, he’s won four Guinness World Records in 2015. His videos are mostly centered around FPS games but he also has an alternate channel for simpler, more family-friendly games.

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Shroud is a very successful Twitch streamer and Youtuber who is known for playing the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. He used to be a professional player for Cloud9 but soon stepped down to focus on streaming and YouTube. His videos feature gameplay from his latest streams as well as commentary related to the games he plays such as patch notes, new content, and memes.

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Ludvig Lagerstedt A.K.A. Anomaly is a YouTuber and Twitch streamer from Sweden. He posted his first video in 2007 and has gained a massive following since then with over 2 million subscribers on YouTube. His videos vary in nature but are mostly centered around vlogs and CSGO. He collaborates with other content creators as well as his dad regularly.

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Cameron McKay A.K.A. Fitz is a YouTuber from New Zealand known for his CSGO and Fortnite videos. He started off posting mostly gameplay videos that are similar to other lets’ players. He then changed his angle and now most of his videos focus more on commentary, comedy, and memes rather than the game or gameplay.

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Jordan “n0thing” Gilbert is a YouTuber, Twitch streamer, and former pro CSGO player for Cloud9. After leaving the e-sports scene, he turned to full-time streaming and has built a fairly large following. His channel features primarily CSGO videos ranging from tips and tricks to pro plays. His channel is a great source if you want to improve or get into the competitive scene.

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Brandon “Seagull” Larned is a YouTuber, Twitch streamer, and formerly a pro player for the Dallas Fuel. He currently focuses on streaming but he posts highlights, commentary, as well as tutorials on his channel. Aside from Overwatch, he plays a wide variety of shooter games such as Apex Legends, Rainbow Six Siege, and Call of Duty.

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TheWarOwl is a YouTube channel that posts mostly videos about CSGO. His earlier videos showed tutorials and tricks that helped in Counter-Strike Source. War Owl’s content has stayed consistent and he still posts commentary, reviews, and helpful tips for the current iteration of the popular game series.

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Battlefield 3 – (BF3): The Christmas Noob’s Guide to Battlefield 3

This took me around 9 hours in total to edit this and gather the gameplay, if you could all like and favourite that would be amazing. Thanks guys. Merry Christmas! Jet Tips Commentary: www.youtube.com Follow me on Twitter: twitter.com SUBMIT YOUR FUNNY CLIPS AT www.battlefield3submissions.tk SUBSCRIBE to the Battlefield 3 Show bit.ly EVERYONE JOIN MY BF3 PLATOON – Henry Company bit.ly — Follow me on Twitter: twitter.com Add me to your circle on Google+ gplus.to Like me on Facebook: on.fb.me Watch my Live stream here: www.twitch.tv — Battlefield 3 bf3 multiplayer gameplay xbox ps3 pc Battlefield 3 bf3 multiplayer gameplay xbox ps3 pc Battlefield 3 bf3 multiplayer gameplay xbox ps3 pc

PC Battlefield 3 – Stutter / Lag / Freeze NVIDIA (MULTIPLAYER)

Well first of all hello everyone. I’ve such of lag or stutter in bf3. When i move/walk/sprint then it will 2 secs freeze or stutter as you see in the video. It’s like you run 5steps then he does 2 steps backwards. It’s very annoying. (ONLY MULTIPLAYER) i tried million servers but it is the same. So it isn’t one or two servers just all of them does stutter. Singleplayer is okay. No lag or stutter. So i’m sure it’s a Server Problem or my network just sucks with 10 MB Per Second. FPS: 90~120 FPS (With Video Capture): 70+ My PC Specs: i7 @4.20Ghz(overclocked). 12GB RAM. 1TB HDD. 2x GPU Geforce GTX 550 ti(Superclocked + SLI). 10MBits Internet. EVGA X58 SLI3 Motherboard. I’d heard that you have to turn off HyperTechnology, well i did but no difference at all. I also fixed registry and cleaned my pc. I turned off all Antivirus programs but it still stutters/lag/freeze. So is it NVIDIA Driver problem? Or it’s one of my pc components or it’s bf3? any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.

Battlefield 3: Get to the Chopper! w/ Levelcap: Oman & Canals Ep. 10

Hey guys. Today’s Get to the Chopper, Levelcap and I are on Gulf of Oman and Canals. We have two exciting matches with loads of action. Get to the Chopper is a series where we get into the attack helicopter and do our best to dominate the battlefield. Subscribe for more Battlefield 3 videos. Matimi0: www.youtube.com LevelCap: www.youtube.com Previous Video: Battlefield 3: Attachment Combinations – Post Patch www.youtube.com Follow me on Twitter: twitter.com Follow me on Facebook: www.facebook.com

How To Win At Battlefield 3 – Up Your Game Fast…

In this blog post I want to give you a few tips that you can use to up your game on Battlefield 3 and make sure that you are dominating the game.

The thing is that the game changes a lot of the aspects that are present in other FPS and that is you need to make sure that you know how to work together with your team. There are 4 classes in Battlefield 3 and depending on which class you pick it will greatly change your experience of the game.
We recommend that if you are new that you stick with the Assault class as this is a good all-rounder but you should also get to grips with the slightly more difficult classes that I think are Recon and Engineer.
The good thing is that a guide has been released that gives you a complete guide to the game and as well as a full class guide and how to customize your weapons you get a video walkthrough for the single player campaign and the multiplayer missions as well.
Probably the best thing about the guide is the fact that it has HD videos giving you the tactics and strategies that you need to dominate multiplayer in the game as well!
If you want to up your game and you feel that you are getting left behind check out the full Battlefield 3 guide which is called BF3 Dominator and discover how you can go pro fast:

Battlefield 3 – Back to Karkand

Back to Karkand features four of the most beloved Battlefield 2 maps (Strike at Karkand, Gulf of Oman, Wake Island and Sharqi Peninsula), all fully re-imagined utilizing the power of the Frostbite 2 engine.

Enhance the signature Battlefield “Rock, Paper, Scissor” gameplay with an arsenal of ten new weapons that you can bring back to the base game and three new vehicles including the STOVL fighter jet, desert buggy, and an APC.
Frostbite 2 creates a whole new level of life-like destruction. The enhanced destruction in this expansion pack lets you turn entire maps into rubble. Chip away at cover, blow holes in walls, and bring down building façades on enemies.
Back to Karkand marks the return of the classic Conquest Assault mode from Battlefield 2. A slight twist on the beloved Conquest mode, Conquest Assault starts with one team commanding all flags on the map while the opposing team must assault and take the flags over in order to stop their tickets from bleeding down to zero.
With the introduction of the all-new Assignments, Back to Karkand features an added layer of persistence on top of what is in the base game. With a vast range of unlockables and upgrades, thecombined persistence in Battlefield 3 and Back to Karkand will keep players occupied even longer.

Players can express their individuality with five new dog tags including Dolphin Diving and One Man Army. Players can pick the design that showcases their play style best and show it off on the battlefield.

Kamikaze Jeep

The Kamikaze Jeep, one of the age old classics of the Battlefield series. The source of rage and laughter among many a Battlefield player, that’s for sure. Battlefield 3 is no different, featuring the
best maps that work in your favour when playing as the Kamikaze Jeep class. Load up a truck with C4 charges or mines, hop in the drivers seat, and hope everyone else on board knows what you are planning to do, because it’s about the be a wild ride! Dodging machine gun fire and tank rounds as you close in on your target, the jeep is being pummel from every angle, yet you push on towards your target,
the lone anti-air vehicle that has been harassing your jets for the last ten minutes.

You are close now, perhaps no more than 100 meters away. You’ve disappeared behind a hill and are no longer taking incoming rounds. 50 meters, you prepare to bail from your bomb laden death truck, your palms sweat as you can smell the sweet stench of victory that awaits. 15 meters. 10 meters. Suddenly and without any warning at all, a single sniper bullet ruins the day, plinking you in the head from some vast distance. How could it be!? How could he have hit you with such accuracy, and from such distance? In a moving target no less!

The Kamikaze Jeep veers hard to the left and misses the target, the driver of the anti-air gun completely oblivious to his near death. He simply continues to shoot down your precious jets and choppers as
if you never had him at all.

That damn sniper! He must be using an aimbot, or a wall hack, or SOMETHING that made that shot possible! Or maybe, just maybe, he’s just naturally skillful. The most likely scenario however, is that he
read the Battlefield 3 Dominator Guide, and followed it to a tee. Perfect headshots every time, from vast distances? Easy, once you’ve read the guide. The Battlefield 3 dominator guide gives you the
ammo you need to pull off shots you previously thought impossible. It will help you master all modes, from Conquest to Rush and beyond. You will be the player that gets accused of cheating; How else
could you possibly be so good?


For many, the Recon class in Battlefield 3 is one of the most difficult classes to play. While staying back and out of the fight sounds like it would be a ticket to easy town,

it’s actually quite difficult, as your targets are now much, much farther away!
The best way to snipe in Battlefield 3 is to find a nice comfortable rock, or something else that is solid and easy to hide behind. You can hide behind bushes as well, but they won’t offer any protection when you are spotted and start taking fire.

The trick to being an amazing sniper is patience and technique, something the Battlefield 3 Dominator guide touches on in great detail. All to often you will see snipers blasting away at everything that
moves, giving away their position constantly only to end up dead or wounded. The best snipers aren’t the guys with 30 kills at the end of the round, they are the guys with 3 or 4. Sure, it might not be
the best way to level up or pad your stats, but those were 3 or 4 shots that actually mattered. A great sniper makes their shots count, with the BF3 Dominator guide will help you make sure those shots count every single time. You won’t be missing any more shots when you follow the guides rules. And most of of your kills will come by way of headshots or ultra effective upper body hits.

It’s time to stop being just another mediocre Battlefield 3 player. Try out the Battlefield 3 Dominator guide to give yourself the extra edge you need to progress from average player to most valuable player, every single game. No one will be able to touch you as you silently creep from spot to spot, picking off helpless enemies as you move. For once, the player running the Recon class will not only
contribute to his team’s effort, he will win the round for his team.

If you want to be the MVP time and time again, download the Battlefield 3 Dominator pack now. You will be blown away by how quickly and easily it is to pick up the simple rules you will need to follow in order to be a master sniper. It’s time to start owning!

Strategy Guides for Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3 multiplayer is a very rewarding experience when you do well, and an infuriating experience when you do poorly. Battlefield 3 has been out long enough now that there are players who have

attained professional level skills through constant practice and refinement of their technique. They are the players who can pick up any weapon and use it brutally effectively, regardless of what it may
be. The only chance you have to compete with such amazing BF3 players is to bring yourself up to their level, either through constant, unwavering practice, or by following one of the available multiplayer
strategy guides.

There are certain strategy guides that are more recommended than others, such as the Battlefield 3 Dominator guide. Designed by a pro BF3 player, the techniques he uses to destroy his competition are
covered in every detail. From individual weapon masterisation to squad and team tactics, no stone is left unturned in the Battlefield 3 Dominator guide.

The key to success in Battlefield 3 multplayer is team work. All to often you see lone Rambo’s charging into the fray only to be cut down time and time again. The definition of madness is doing the same
thing over and over again, while expecting a different result each time. Every player is guilty of this, and the Battlefield 3 Dominator guide will teach you how to take full advantage of this natural
human behaviour. From individual map guides, class guides and teamwork guides, you will be playing on a professional level in no time.

The Dominator BF3 guide will show you how to master every single weapon, as well as explain its strengths and weaknesses and how to exploit them. Also featured are top of the line custom class setups that
will leave you destroying every opponent in your way as you work your way through player after player.
Most BF3 players stick to a class and play it religiously. This is a fatal flaw that the
Battlefield 3 dominator guide will help you take advantage of.

Support Class

The hardest part about getting into Battlefield 3 is figuring out which class and weapons are right for you.
Some people love to stay back at a distance, firing from the relative safety that a rock or a
tree provides. People like that might enjoy playing Recon, killing their enemies from afar using high tech sniper rifles.
Other people might enjoy spraying and praying, a technique that involves running
around firing wildly at everything that moves in hopes of killing something. For gamers like that, the Support class might suit you well.

Both the Recon and Support classes appear to be vastly different from one another,
yet they are actually much closer than you have been lead to believe. Simply put, a great Support gunner can lock down
an area just as well, if not better than a Recon sniper. How is this possible?
Technique. By using the Support class properly, you can be one of the most beneficial members of your team. Using a Support
weapon like the M249 to kill enemies from afar is actually much easier than it appears to be, and the Battlefield 3 Dominator guide proves that perfectly. By following the rules and techniques outlined in the BF3 Dominator guide,
you will master the art of the Support class, killing enemies from great distances with headshots, without the use of cheats or trainers.

It has been said that the Recon class is overpowered and cheap, and should be removed from the game.
We disagree.
When used properly, the Support class is far, far more effective at killing the enemy and
winning rounds than the Recon class could ever hope to be. In the hands of a skilled player,
the Support class is the most deadly class in Battlefield 3.
To find out how and why, we recommend downloading the Battlefield 3 Dominator guide.
With great technique comes great power and skill as a player.


Mastering individual classes in Battlefield 3 can be a real chore, especially if you don’t enjoy a certain aspect of
one of the classes that you are attempting to master. The Assault class in Battlefield 3
now plays two roles. Assault (duh!) and medic. It’s up to the assaulters in your squad to bring you back from death when you die, something many assault class players simply don’t bother to do.
This brings us to the age old Battlefield 3 problem of teamwork, or the lack of it.
Simply put, to master Battlefield 3, you must master the art of teamwork.
Working together to accomplish a goal is the only way to win round after round in Battlefield 3.
With everyone trying to be Rambo, nothing will ever be accomplished.
Sure, you may score lots of kills, but you’ll die a lot and ruin your K/D ratio,
and you will contribute absolutely nothing to the end goal of the round, regardless of what it is.

When one or more squads in a BF3 match utilize teamwork, the results can and will be amazing.
Objectives will be getting captured left and right, and the enemy team will be in disarray as they desperately
attempt to hold points with single men. One man can only hold a position for so long before he is overrun.
When you have an entire team rolling teamwork style, the enemy will have no chance.
They will barely be able to spawn, let alone capture points or kill anyone.
The true goal of any Conquest match is to hold every point for as long as possible, something that sounds difficult…
Until you begin to use teamwork!
Stories of entire teams being forced to spawn on their aircraft carrier the entire round are true!

When you order the Battlefield 3 Dominator guide, you will learn everything there is to know about teamwork,
as well as how to use it effectively in Battlefield 3.
Learn how to lead a squad, and how to master the art of capturing and holding a position.
There is literally nothing your average enemy will be able to do to recapture that point, let alone find you and kill you.
Unless of course, they have read the BF3 Dominator guide as well.
Order now and play like a pro in just a few short days.
With 1080p HD videos showing you exactly how to play, you will be a BF3 master in no time!

Battlefield 3 Rambo

Playing as Rambo in Battlefield 3 is neither easy nor recommended.
It is possible, however, with a little bit of skill and a whole lot of luck.
Playing as a lone wolf will typically leave you armed with a light machine gun, as anything else requires reloading far too often. Chances are you won’t live long enough to require a reload on your light machine gun, so it’s best to stick with one.
A crowd favourite is the M249, as well as the M60 light machine gun.
Both are accurate with bipods and fore grips, and offer continuous fire without requiring a reload.
Further more, light machine guns just make you look that much cooler.
Especially when you’re on a killing spree with one!

Although the Battlefield 3 Dominator guide recommends teamwork first and foremost,
there are some helpful tips for those Rambo’s out there.
Things like how to master the art of the headshot, from any distance, or how to prioritize targets and wipe them out one by one before they even have time to react to your presence.
Of course, you will be doing a lot of up close and personal killing as a Rambo,
so the knife tips and tricks in the BF3 Dominator guide will help you out immensely as well.

At the end of the day, following the tips in the Dominator guide will leave you as the ultimate team player,
however that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun as a lone wolf Rambo type every now and then.
Who said games have to be series ALL the time, right?
Grab the Battlefield 3 Dominator guide now and start learning how to be the ultimate team player. Or lone wolf. Your choice!

Battlefield 3 Teamwork

In Battlefield 3, teamwork is paramount to success.
Regardless of what game mode you are playing, teamwork will make or break a round,
and be the ultimate determining factor in whether or not you add a
win or a loss to your BF3 records. The hardest part about teamwork in Battlefield 3,
of course, is that most people are oblivious to teamwork and what it entails.
Most people are content with simply going it alone, charging from capture point to capture point
trying to score as many points as possible. More often than not, they end up with an abysmal kill/death ratio and very few points.
The reason is simple: Teamwork earns big points, and big points earn unlocks faster.

When you follow the teamwork section in the Battlefield 3 Dominator package, you will notice your style of play begins to change.
You will suddenly start acting as a squad for once. You will communicate
with your squad members and team members, and will suddenly find yourself king of the kill/death ratio.
Why? Because when four people run around working together, while everyone else goes it alone, every
enemy you encounter will be alone and completely helpless against the wrath of your squad.
The Battlefield 3 Dominator book will teach you everything you need to know about teamwork in BF3.
By the time you have mastered every single point in the teamwork section of the BF3 Dominator pack,
you and your squad will be unstoppable.

You have been a mediocre BF3 player for too long.
It’s time to start cashing in on your skills that you don’t even know you have.
The Battlefield 3 Dominator pack will open up those hidden skills inside of you, the ones that are just begging to be unleashed!

Assault Class in Battlefield 3

Like previous Battlefield games, you can choose from four different classes,
each having its own pro’s and con’s. Today’s Assault guide will lay the ground work for
what you will be doing as a member of the Battlefield 3 Assault class.

The Assault class has been merged with the medic in Battlefield 3,
allowing for a player to be just as effective defensively through healing as they are offensively.
The Assault class features droppable medic bags that will heal nearby players,
as well as the player who dropped the med pack as well.
Also featured are the classic Battlefield series sock paddles, which you can use
to revive fallen team mates. It is possibly to revive someone over and over again as they die,
so keep those shock paddles handy, you might just be able to help win a fight by keeping your warriors alive!

The Assaulter can use underbarrel weapons such as grenade launchers,
which can do incredible damage in very small, tight spaces.
At longer distances, you will want to stick it out with a longer range scope and semi-auto fire modes only.

When playing the medic role, players who are injured have a small + sign above them,
indicating that they are wounded and possibly near death. It is up to you to determine whether or not you can risk
the sprint to them to drop a med pack down for them. If they are lucky, you are right there with them and can keep them alive.
When groups of players are bunched up in a choke point, you can earn mega points and props
from fellow players by constantly dropping med packs into the group of players.
As they are injured, your med packs will constantly be healing them, which means big points for you.

On the topic of extremely long range engagements like those found on Caspian Border,
you will want the best scope possible for distance shooting, and should fire in single shot only.
Anything above single shots above a few hundred meters will possibly hit the target, but definitely suppress them…
Which is great if you aren’t the only one shooting at them, as you will receive suppression points as a result
of your suppressing fire.

The key to remember as a player using the assault class is that you have the power to keep your team mates alive and well.
Even if they die, you can still bring them back to keep the fight going using
your shock paddles.

Playing as a team player will make you the most popular medic on your team, by far!

Playing as Support Class in Battlefield 3

Playing as the Support class in Battlefield 3 is all about supporting your team mates,
as the name would indicate. Featuring the ability to drop bags of ammunition to keep your teammates ammo stocked up,as well as fire long continuous bursts at enemies to keep them suppressed, the Support class is an absolute necessity in a four man squad that is playing cohesively as a team.

By keeping enemies suppressed, you ensure your squad can maneuver into positions
that will allow them to overwhelm and kill the enemy.
By dropping ammunition bags for your squad constantly,
you ensure your squad always has plenty of grenades on hand for those close range engagements with the enemy.

When firing to suppress an enemy or an area, you are providing a great deal of help to your Battlefield 3 teammates. With the enemy frantically looking for a place that will provide cover from your bursts of fire, your teammates will be able to completely overwhelm the suppressed and scared enemy. Simply put, a Support gunner placing suppressing fire on a location can be the difference between capturing a point or having an attack fail. The Battlefield 3 Support class can wield a variety of weapons,
from more simple machine guns like the RPK, to modern legends like the M60
and M249, both of which have tremendous strengths. The M60 being fired on a location continuously with the extended magazine perk

will provide suppressing fire for ages and ages before a reload is required. The M249 on the other
hand is amazing for close quarters engagements, with its high rate of fire and excellent accuracy,
it will put an enemy down quickly and without fuss.

To many players playing as the Support class in Battlefield 3 are simply trying to Rambo it,
and will never be very successful as a result. The whole idea behind the Support class is that you support your
team and squad mates. By doing so, and doing so properly, you will be able to ensure victory for your squad and team.
The Battlefield 3 Dominator guide has a great strategy section for the BF3 Support class that I recommend checking out when you get the chance. You will be winning games left and right in no time if you follow the easy to understand BF3

Battlefield 3 (BF3-PC) Online Multiplayer Gameplay Footage Fraps Test 1080p

This is some gameplay of me playing Battlefield 3 (PC version) multiplayer online in a full 64 player server. In this video I have only had 4 hours of experience in this game and honestly had no idea where anything was in this map. I mainly made this video as a test to see how well the game handled with Fraps recording it. When first hitting the hot key to start recording there was a very small delay in frames in-game but after that everything was as usual, with my current set up I had absolutely no performance or quality loss while playing. I have the game on preset-High settings, not using Ultra due to some bugs I was experiencing once in while when using Ultra settings. My specifications: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit AMD Phenom II X4 @ 3.2Ghz (Stock 955 Black Edition) 8GB DDR2(800Mhz) PC6400 Patriot Memory EVGA Nvidia GTX 560 Ti Superclocked (900Mhz GPU Core / 4212Mhz Memory Clock) Stock 1.5Tb Seagate Green Hard Drive @ 5900RPM (1 partiton(OS & Fraps)) Two 150Gb Western Digital Raptors @ 10000RPM each (RAID-0 Striped, 1 partition(Battlefield 3 only)) 700W OCZ Power Supply Air Cooling Battlefield 3 Settings: 1920×1080 Resolution High preset Fraps Settings: F9 Hot Key for Video Capture 60FPS Full-size (1920×1080) Original Fraps output size of raw video: 14.4gb(split up into 4 files) After compression: 403mb Used Sony Vegas Pro 11.0 for piecing each video file together and compressing using MP4(1920×1080) settings. I intend on making and releasing more Battlefield 3 videos

Few series of online games have matched the popularity of Battlefield video games

The Battlefield video game series is a successful and popular series of games created by EA or Electronic Arts.

This series of games has been developed over the past 10 years. The Battlefield video game series has won a number of awards over that period.

One of the things that characterizes the Battlefield video game series is that they focus more on strategy than individual one-on-one combat. There is a frequent use of maps as vehicles and troops are manoeuvred around the battlefield.

The PC versions of this popular series are most commonly used as multi-player online games.

The first game in the series was called Codename Eagle (it was released in 1999).  This was followed three years later with the 2nd Battlefield video game, Battlefield 1942. A version for Mac OS followed two years later.

In early 2003, Electronic Arts release The Road to Rome, which was followed a few months later by Secret Weapons of World War II. The next Battlefield video game to come out was Battlefield Vietnam in 2004. Then, in 2005 there were three more Battlefield video game releases.

The first was Battlefield 2, the second was called Special Forces, and the third release was Battlefield 2: Modern Combat. Battlefield 2 takes place in current times and features a fiction war between China, the Middle East, and the United States.

Euro force followed in 2006 followed the same year by Armored Fury. Things got futuristic in October of 2006 when Battlefield video games released Battlefield 2142 for both Windows and Mac OS. This game took place during a global ice age. The game featured some in-game advertising that not all players appreciated.

Northern Strike followed in 2007 and Battlefield: Bad Company came out in 2008 as the success of the series continued.

The Battlefield video game franchise released Battlefield Heroes in 2009 and Battlefield 1943 in 2010. That same year saw a new Battlefield video game called Battlefield: Bad Company 2:Vietnam and Battlefield Online.

There were three new releases in the Battlefield video game series in 2011. The first of these was Battlefield Play4Free. This was followed by Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 3: Back to Karkland.

As the popularity of multi-player online games continues to grow, the Battlefield video game franchise should continue to be a successful one.

Last Two Months of Anthem for Doomed Youth at the Imperial War Museum

A major exhibition at the Imperial War Museum, the largest of its kind ever mounted to illustrate the life and work of twelve soldier poets of World War One, is now into the final two months of its run.

The exhibition, Anthem for Doomed Youth, runs until 27 April 2003, and includes displays of uniforms, medals, manuscripts and many other personal items of the twelve poets which include famous names such as Edmund Blunden, Rupert Brooke, Robert Graves, Wilfred Owen and Julian Grenfell.

An accompanying book, Anthem for Doomed Youth, has been written by John Stallworthy, one of Wilfred Owen’s biographers, and is currently available from Constable and Robinson.

Another Great Napoleonic Event

The 10th International Napoleonic Fair, held on Sunday 16th February at London’s Royal National Hotel, was a great success. The show, which attracted visitors from all over the world, is well and truly established as the subject area’s key event.

Before the doors opened at nine thirty more than eighty enthusiasts were already queuing outside.

There was a wide range of exhibitors, with Napoleonic merchandise from models and replica weapons to historical artefacts and computer games as well as demonstration wargames and displays put on by the Napoleonic Association and others.

The exhibitors included a number of veterans, such as Battlescene Pictures,Bonaparte’s,Ian Fletcher Battlefield Tours and Librarie HistoriqueTeissedre ­from Paris. A vast range of antiquarian and secondhand bookswere also on offer, making the show the event to come to if you want to track down that elusive first edition.

Celebrating the tenth anniversary of the Napoleonic Fair, a number of exhibitors gave special discounts. Eight exhibitors celebrated being in every event since the Napoleonic Fair started: Boneparte’s, Caliver Books,Greenhill Books, Hersants Military Books, Spellmount, Ken Trotman, Robin Turner and Worley Publications.

This year’s wargames featured the Loughton Strike Force, presenting the Assault on the Hill of Arinez, Vittoria 1813, the Battle of Toulouse by Southend Wargames Club and a Peninsular Battle by the Napoleonic Gamers.

Lectures at the International Napoleonic Fair are often regarded as a highlight of the event and this year was no exception. David Markham, who flew in from Seattle especially for the event, spoke on the way Napoleon used his bulletins for propaganda, then signed copies of his new book,Imperial Glory. His speech was chaired by John Hughes-Wilson.

Ian Robertson later presented a well-attended talk on Wellington’s campaign in France, chaired by John S. White, then autographed copies of his latest book, WELLINGTON INVADES FRANCE:THE FINAL PHASE OF THE PENINSULAR WAR,1813-1814.

The Fair had a real international flavour with visitors from France,America, Belgium, Spain and Germany. In addition a number of leading Napoleonic authors were present, including Dr David Chandler, Andrew Uffindell, Rene Chartrand, Digby Smith, Peter Hofschroer and W. Y Carman.

Photographs of the Fair can be viewed and downloaded from the GreenhillBooks website at www.greenhillbooks.com.

New Military Series Launched by Osprey

The full history of fortification and defensive technology is explored in FORTRESS, a new series from Osprey. Using locations which have withstood some of the most important clashes in the history of warfare across the ages Fortress offers a comprehensive and structured survey of the world’s most significant forts, defensive systems and strategic positions.

Written by military professionals, archaeologists, architects and experts, each book in the series shares the same clear and comprehensive chapter structure and come complete with the usual Osprey full, colour artwork.
The first four titles – Japanese Pacific Defenses 1941-45, Hadrian’s Wall AD 122-410, U Boat Bases and Bunkers 1941-45 and the American Defenses of Corregidor and Manila Bay 1898-1945 – have just been published and a further ten are due for publication throughout the year.

Mod News

Verge of Armageddon is a Battlefield 2 MOD,
The mod is based on Red Alert 2 wich means the battle will rage between the Allied and the Soviet.

Our plans are to use all the units and building from ra2 and more.
This includes the Weather control and Nuke silo.

We are also short on staff we are looking for the following:
Coders, Mappers, Unwrappers, Sound artists, Skinners and Texture artists.
If you have any skill in If you have any skill in any of these areas mail at sven419@hotmail.com
or post in our forum what job you want,
any eperiences you have in that area ,and any previous work you have done.