Announcement about GCN

OK, everyone. This is the big announcement regarding GCN and what I have planned for us in the future. Now everyone has to promise they will read the whole post before they start freaking out. Trust me on this one.

For those who don’t know what I am talking about, let me break it down for you. A few years ago, I was searching the web for some info on alittle game called Half-Life 2. I happened to stumble upon this site. Now I was never a forum type of dude, and I don’t know what happened but I somehow became a member here and a regular one at that. After awhile I met some really cool people. Some I hated, most I liked. Regardless, I felt I formed some type of bond with everyone. I was the resident trouble maker, been banned, unbanned, almost quit, came back. But I was faithful. I eventually worked my way up the chain to become the owner.

How I became the owner was alittle strange. The previous owner, S-Man, lost interest in gaming and the site altogether. He had a plan for it, but lost interest. His plan was GCN. It seemed like a good plan at the time but I wanted to do something different. I figured, hey this is my site now so I can do what I want. Problem was I had 0% experience designing a webpage. But PC Nerd aka Brent had already been busting his ass for a year working on S-Man vision of a great website, GCN. At around the time I took over our host was fucking with us bad. We needed a new host. Brent found one, Boguns. He said he would host us for free if he could place a few ads on the site. It sounded ok, but I had that little voice in my head saying, “Shammy I don’t trust this guy.”

I was correct. He basically hijacked us. Told us if we didn’t have a webpage live in a certain number of days he would pull the plug. Granted he gave us a month, but christ. I didn’t understand PCN’s plan, and he couldn’t design the site. I could do graphic design but I never designed a site! We put our heads together and said, “fuck it man we can do this!” We worked, communicating through Skype and literally built this website in 1 week. We spent long hours, nightly, till 5am some nights. It wasn’t perfect but it was live. We did it!

It went live, but we were down for sooo long we lost a shitton of members. And now Boguns was bitching that his ads weren’t getting enough hits. On top of that PC gaming was kinda dwindling out. Basically, he bailed and left me and Brent holding our dicks in our hands saying,”What now?” Well we decided to host it ourselves. Out of our own pockets. I refuse to give up this awesome community of ours. I am not a quitter.

Again, GCN was not my idea. And GCN doesn’t work, for two main reasons.

Reason number 1.

HL2Central did great because it was a fansite. And also because it was a fansite for a game that was delayed for 2 years which kept it going also. The delay was actually great for the site in that way. Because… fan sites don’t last that long. And the anticipation kept interst in HL2Central. Once a game comes out, everyone beats it, it’s not interesting anymore. I mean really how long can a HL2 fansite really last. It’s a great game, one of the best games I ever played, but everything becomes old and busted eventually. And if the game becomes old, so does the site.

So this brings me to reason number 2.

We decided to branch off into other games like BF2 and even broader categories. Too broad in fact. We were trying to build the next IGN. Problem was IGN has like 80 employees working for them fulltime and they still suck. Plus there is no way we can compete with the Gamespy’s, Gamespots, IGN’s out there. It’s too much work for such a small community. But that’s the point right. We are a small community and I kinda like it like that. Where everyone knows everyone. And when new people show up they feel welcomed instead of just popping their heads into a wild west forum.

What I am trying to say is, GCN was never MY dream. And this is my site. So it’s my responcibility to run it the way I think it should be ran. So soon GCN will be going bye bye . Are you upset? Why? GCN has only been here for 8 months. It’s not like you were really attached to it. Nice knowing ya!

lol I keed!

What you love about GCN is the community. And the community isn’t going anywhere. In fact, we are just getting started.

Ask yourself, what is the heart and soul of HL2C and GCN. It’s the forums, right? And what is the greatest thread in the forums? The Coffee Room! Through all of the ups and downs, the delays and news droughts, the Coffee Room was always a place where you could come to be entertained, kick it with your homies, view and SSoTD, have fun. No matter what the reason you came to the forums was too see what was going on in the Coffee Room.

So it is my great pleasure to officially announce that GCN will soon be transformed into a whole new and exciting website.!

OK you promised not to freak out! I have to explain why this is going to be awesome. We are still going to have videogames as a top priority. But we will have a new webpage (almost finished) click here for sneak peak!, new forums, and alot more of what made GCN and HL2C great. will feature Shamrocks Sites of the Day, Gaming News, regular News. Videos of all variety, a Babe of the day, Geek stuff, Music, Politics, and all the stuff that makes the coffee room great. But wait there’s more! We will have a section where you can post news, in a simple interface. You can post crazy links or whatever you want. Our slogans will rotate on the main page, yes the slogans you guys already made for GCN. You can download music you have made. Display your artwork for all too see. Except it will be much easier to navigate. A simpler interface. A more user friendly interface. This is going to be our little clubhouse. Oh yeah, it won’t be live for about a month or so. We still have some beta testing and whatnot to do, but it is definitely going to happen.

We are not just going to be a gaming site, we are going to be a whatever the fuck we want site. A page where you actually want-to-see-what-is-happening kind of site. This is going to be the site that I dreamed of a long time ago. And since I am in charge, paying the bills, I will do everything within my power to make it work. GCN didn’t work, and HL2C couldn’t last forever. It’s time to evolve.

The coffee room was always a diamond in the rough. It was always the most popular thread in the forums. Why? Freedom. When you go to a gaming website, the topic at hand is gaming. You kind of feel obligated to talk gaming. But what if you just want to talk, about anything. is just the place to do it. So basically I am taking what made HL2C and GCN great and magnifying it. PC Nerd aka Brent is going to be co-owner of this venture, so that’s not going to change. I know this is alot to swallow at the moment. I will be here to answer all of your questions in the forums so post away.

I just want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for sticking around. I promise I will not let you guys down. This is not the end, only the beginning.