Assault Class in Battlefield 3

Like previous Battlefield games, you can choose from four different classes,
each having its own pro’s and con’s. Today’s Assault guide will lay the ground work for
what you will be doing as a member of the Battlefield 3 Assault class.

The Assault class has been merged with the medic in Battlefield 3,
allowing for a player to be just as effective defensively through healing as they are offensively.
The Assault class features droppable medic bags that will heal nearby players,
as well as the player who dropped the med pack as well.
Also featured are the classic Battlefield series sock paddles, which you can use
to revive fallen team mates. It is possibly to revive someone over and over again as they die,
so keep those shock paddles handy, you might just be able to help win a fight by keeping your warriors alive!

The Assaulter can use underbarrel weapons such as grenade launchers,
which can do incredible damage in very small, tight spaces.
At longer distances, you will want to stick it out with a longer range scope and semi-auto fire modes only.

When playing the medic role, players who are injured have a small + sign above them,
indicating that they are wounded and possibly near death. It is up to you to determine whether or not you can risk
the sprint to them to drop a med pack down for them. If they are lucky, you are right there with them and can keep them alive.
When groups of players are bunched up in a choke point, you can earn mega points and props
from fellow players by constantly dropping med packs into the group of players.
As they are injured, your med packs will constantly be healing them, which means big points for you.

On the topic of extremely long range engagements like those found on Caspian Border,
you will want the best scope possible for distance shooting, and should fire in single shot only.
Anything above single shots above a few hundred meters will possibly hit the target, but definitely suppress them…
Which is great if you aren’t the only one shooting at them, as you will receive suppression points as a result
of your suppressing fire.

The key to remember as a player using the assault class is that you have the power to keep your team mates alive and well.
Even if they die, you can still bring them back to keep the fight going using
your shock paddles.

Playing as a team player will make you the most popular medic on your team, by far!