Battlefield 3 Teamwork

In Battlefield 3, teamwork is paramount to success.
Regardless of what game mode you are playing, teamwork will make or break a round,
and be the ultimate determining factor in whether or not you add a
win or a loss to your BF3 records. The hardest part about teamwork in Battlefield 3,
of course, is that most people are oblivious to teamwork and what it entails.
Most people are content with simply going it alone, charging from capture point to capture point
trying to score as many points as possible. More often than not, they end up with an abysmal kill/death ratio and very few points.
The reason is simple: Teamwork earns big points, and big points earn unlocks faster.

When you follow the teamwork section in the Battlefield 3 Dominator package, you will notice your style of play begins to change.
You will suddenly start acting as a squad for once. You will communicate
with your squad members and team members, and will suddenly find yourself king of the kill/death ratio.
Why? Because when four people run around working together, while everyone else goes it alone, every
enemy you encounter will be alone and completely helpless against the wrath of your squad.
The Battlefield 3 Dominator book will teach you everything you need to know about teamwork in BF3.
By the time you have mastered every single point in the teamwork section of the BF3 Dominator pack,
you and your squad will be unstoppable.

You have been a mediocre BF3 player for too long.
It’s time to start cashing in on your skills that you don’t even know you have.
The Battlefield 3 Dominator pack will open up those hidden skills inside of you, the ones that are just begging to be unleashed!