Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is a first-person shooter from the series of games Battlefield and developed by DICE and published by Electronic Arts for platforms PlayStation 3 , Xbox 360 and PC on March 2, 2010 in North America and in Europe on March 5, 2010.

The game revolves around, like the first Battlefield: Bad Company , the eponymous squad. The world is on the brink of World War II, Russia and the United States are mired in a war that threatens to involve half the world, Russia leads his armies to Latin America and from there go towards the United States , thus leaving the States States defenseless against the impending Soviet invasion, also as if it were not enough, the CIA suspects that Russia has a new weapon of mass destruction so the platoon Bad Company is sent to discover this mysterious weapon.

Soldiers of the platoon Bad Company

  •  Preston “Prest” Marlowe : The character to embody. Descended from generations of American soldiers, Preston joined the platoon Bad Company to have combat experience. In addition to “accidentally” have crashed helicopter.
  •  Samuel D. Redford : The platoon sergeant Bad Company . He made ​​a deal in exchange for switching to “Bad Company” could retire earlier.
  •  Terrence Sweetwater “Sweets” : The Sweetwater soldier has a high IQ, joined the squad thanks to “accidentally” put a virus in military systems.
  •  George G. Haggard “Hags” : Soldier Haggard, unlike other members of the squad, if you want to be in Bad Company ., Is very impulsive and especially known for having an almost encyclopedic knowledge of explosives Joined platoon of “Bad Company” because it broke a large ammunition depot in Paris.


  • Prologue: Operation Aurora   The mission takes place in 1944, during the Second World War , a platoon of US soldiers are sent to theSea of Japan , the US government believes that the Japanese have a modern weapon that can change the course of war and running the Operation Aurora .Two companies are sent to officially rescue a Japanese scientist defector allies could provide the necessary information about this mysterious weapon. After finding the scientist, the soldiers leave for a Japanese submarine base to escape in a submarine, manage to ride the submarine, but when they left the island, a giant wave swallows the submarine and killed all its occupants. Playable Character: Thomas Wyatt .
  • Cold War   On the border of Russia with Alaska , the platoon Bad Company is sent to Russian territory to support a counterintelligence operation in a “simple” mission. The squad must rescue an agent fallen into Russian hands, but this is eliminated by a mysterious subject. The squad must move through hostile territory solo lack of ground support, after climbing into a vehicle and escape Russian forces (including a helicopter), discovered in a briefcase a small nuclear bomb, however, at the headquarters tell them is false and that everything is a test for a weapon that the Russians are developing and can be lethal consequences, the platoon is transferred to the Division of Special Performances and his next destination is in Bolivia where they must locate a man named Aguirre. Playable Character: Preston Marlowe .
  • In darkness   The Bad Company is airborne to Bolivia in a piloted by a guy named Flynn helicopter. After reaching the jungle, they come to where it is supposed to be Aguirre, but all they find are dead and destroyed buildings men, so the squad decides to go upriver to find Aguirre, but they are ambushed by Bolivian paramilitary squad continues clearing advancing militia camps. Playable Character: Preston Marlowe .
  • Upriver   While still moving forward, which is located Aguirre captive militants, Marlowe clears the camp from a sniper position, but as theyprogress they encounter traps militants, but they manage to proceed smoothly. Continue to advance and clearing Bolivian camps, until they reach a kind of ruins where located back to Aguirre, after destroy a BMP-2 that blocked their way, Marlowe shoot the soldier who had Aguirre hostage. Sergeant gives the object that gave Braidwood, Aguirre tells them they already knew that the gun they found in Russia was false, says, that connected with a French satellite that led them to a Georgian military network, but the Soviets they stayed with their intelligence reports and that the only backups that there are in the satellite.Playable Character: Preston Marlowe .
  • The sky cracks   The Bad Company is transferred to the Andes to seek the French satellite. Aguirre told them that the satellite could bedestroyed in theory, Flynn takes you to the landing zone but first had to clear it of enemies. After advancing through the Russian positions, Sweetwater takes the controls but this is the satellite out of orbit and crash, Sergeant Redford is that Flynn take them there but can not and should move on foot. After taking a vehicle in a nearby town, no hassle, make their way to the crash site where they see as the satellite town where devastating impact falls. Playable Character: Preston Marlowe .
  • Blinded by snow   Finally the remains of the satellite but this is on fire and are forced to resist the Russian siege to defend the satellite.After finding a strange box, Marlowe is lost from the rest of the pack and gets caught in the blizzard, is about to die by freezing but manages to reunite with his teammates and get on the helicopter Flynn. There, Aguirre explains that it is a weapon capable of producing a scale effect , a weapon that generates electromagnetic pulse capable of paralyzing the United States , the objective must capture is Arkady Kirilenko, the man who runs the project, Aguirre tells them They send them from a tank M1 Abrams to the point where it should be Kirilenko. Playable Character: Preston Marlowe .
  • Heavy Metal   with the support of armored vehicles, the Bad Company is carried at the foot of the Andes, where it should be Kirilenko.After advancing in the Abrams clearing land and missile launchers Russian armored vehicles, rocket launchers Marlowe destroys the people through airstrikes and decide to enter the village on foot. Russian regress to protect Kirilenko harassed by US troops, the Americans captured a prisoner Russian who knows where Kirilenko, after questioning, Redford finds out and sends all men available to your situation. Playable Character: Preston Marlowe
  • High – value target   Troops provide the Bad Company a Humvee to get Kirilenko. But as they crossed a bridge are ambushed by the Russians, barely they manage to escape and continue his journey but suffering continuous attacks of Russian armor. The column Humvee was destroyed by a Russian rocket launchers although Marlowe manages to destroy requesting an airstrike. The Bad Company goes into a sewer tunnel and go to an office where is Kirilenko, Haggard arrest him but Kirilenko no resistance, Sweetwater is a manifesto of something called Sangre de Toro , sent by Aguirre, but suddenly, an explosion knocking and Kirilenko takes advantage to escape, but Bad Company is rescued by the timely arrival of Flynn. Playable Character: Preston Marlowe
  • Sangre de Toro   The Bad Company is transferred to northern Chile, the Atacama Desert , according to Aguirre, the Sangre de Toro was a Panamanian freighter that sank off the coast of Peru although it is unknown how he came to the desert , but Bad Company was ordered to reach the freighter as it was a goal of Kirilenko. Flynn gives them the coordinates to capture three goals after repartírselos finally Marlowe alone reaches the freighter and after inspecting something revealing discovered, the government of the United States knew that Japan had a weapon of mass destruction and Operation Aurora was a suicide mission, the United States needed to know I was doing that weapon. Playable Character: Preston Marlowe
  • No slouch   The Bad Company is now heading north to the Colombian jungle to meet with Aguirre, but the helicopter Flynn is hit by an antiaircraft rocket and Marlowe falls, is reunited with Sweetwater and reject an offensive by Colombian guerrillas, finally manages to meet all the Bad Company but Flynn has been well captured all decide to go to rescue him , after advancing through the camps of the guerrillas, they find Flynn being beaten by a terrorist, he is rescued by Marlowe and directed to a nearby airfield, take a helicopter and head to the position of Aguirre although the way they are attacked by Russian helicopters. Finally meet with Aguirre, but this is in cahoots with Kirilenko by finding the weapon, Aguirre says he does it because his government lied because he is the son of Wyatt, one of the soldiers of the US squad who died in Operation Aurora and Aguirre sought revenge against the United States with the scalar weapon, but just then, Kirilenko hit treacherously Aguirre, killing him, Flynn saves attacking men Kirilenko but you shoot at the helicopter Flynn, knocking him down and killing Flynn’s own. Playable Character: Preston Marlowe
  • Zero Dark Thirty   All soldiers Bad Company are saddened by the death of Flynn and because Kirilenko took the gun through them, move through the village eliminating the guerrillas, by the way attack them mortars and they are forced to flee the village, move through the sewer system where they are attacked by many Russian troops suddenly heard a strange loud noise, Americans report that they are sending air support, but at that moment, a great wave off a plane and destroy all the helicopters, the scalar weapon on the plane. Sweetwater and Haggard does not want to move forward, but Sergeant Redford and Marlowe convince them and decide to go to the plane Kirilenko. Playable Character: Preston Marlowe
  • Influential factor   After resume search Kirilenko, find your plane is taking off, the squad decides to infiltrate inside, after crossing a sewerage network, the Bad Company manages barely penetrate inside the giant aircraft running (. “hags” proves know about the plane that is Kirilenko his colleagues are very impressed by this) Playable Character: Preston Marlowe
  • Airborne   Inside the plane Kirilenko, all are out of ammo so eliminate the Russian soldiers inside barely, but not located Kirilenko finally found the weapon climb after an armored wall, Haggard fly wall with C4 and Marlowe destroys the weapon with his gun, but the plane begins to plummet because of the explosion of the gun, all they are parachuting but suddenly appears Kirilenko that clings to parachute Sweetwater, Marlowe manages to kill Kirilenko shooting. All manage to reach land safely and realize that they are in Texas , then Braidwood appears, which tells them that the Russians invade them, the Bad Company tells that destroyed the scalar weapon so the invasion arrested but Braidwood tells them that the Russians arrive in Alaska . How the story ends, ensures that a third installment which was discarded as launch EA by output Battlefield 4 . Playable Character: Preston Marlowe