Jack “jacksfrags” Mason is a YouTuber from Wolverhampton. His channel features hours and hours of videos on the popular Battlefield franchise. His channel features relevant news and patch notes as well as gameplay and commentary. Aside from Battlefield, he plays Apex Legends, Rainbow Six Siege, Medal of Honor, and other shooter games.

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LevelCapGaming is a channel run by Charlie Goldberg who is an American YouTuber known for his video game-related content. On his channel, he plays mostly shooter games including the Battlefield franchise, PUBG, Destiny, Call of Duty and more. His videos often center around cool tips and tutorials to help people play better.

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TheRussianBadger is a Twitch streamer and a Youtuber that posts fairly regular videos about video games. He plays mostly shooters such as CSGO, Rainbow Six Siege, and The Division 2. Since starting his channel, he’s gained over 2 million followers as of March 2019.

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Alastair Aiken A.K.A. Ali-A is a very popular British YouTuber known for his Call of Duty and Fortnite videos. With the amount of subscribers and views he gets, he’s won four Guinness World Records in 2015. His videos are mostly centered around FPS games but he also has an alternate channel for simpler, more family-friendly games.

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Shroud is a very successful Twitch streamer and Youtuber who is known for playing the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. He used to be a professional player for Cloud9 but soon stepped down to focus on streaming and YouTube. His videos feature gameplay from his latest streams as well as commentary related to the games he plays such as patch notes, new content, and memes.

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Ludvig Lagerstedt A.K.A. Anomaly is a YouTuber and Twitch streamer from Sweden. He posted his first video in 2007 and has gained a massive following since then with over 2 million subscribers on YouTube. His videos vary in nature but are mostly centered around vlogs and CSGO. He collaborates with other content creators as well as his dad regularly.

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Cameron McKay A.K.A. Fitz is a YouTuber from New Zealand known for his CSGO and Fortnite videos. He started off posting mostly gameplay videos that are similar to other lets’ players. He then changed his angle and now most of his videos focus more on commentary, comedy, and memes rather than the game or gameplay.

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Jordan “n0thing” Gilbert is a YouTuber, Twitch streamer, and former pro CSGO player for Cloud9. After leaving the e-sports scene, he turned to full-time streaming and has built a fairly large following. His channel features primarily CSGO videos ranging from tips and tricks to pro plays. His channel is a great source if you want to improve or get into the competitive scene.

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Brandon “Seagull” Larned is a YouTuber, Twitch streamer, and formerly a pro player for the Dallas Fuel. He currently focuses on streaming but he posts highlights, commentary, as well as tutorials on his channel. Aside from Overwatch, he plays a wide variety of shooter games such as Apex Legends, Rainbow Six Siege, and Call of Duty.

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TheWarOwl is a YouTube channel that posts mostly videos about CSGO. His earlier videos showed tutorials and tricks that helped in Counter-Strike Source. War Owl’s content has stayed consistent and he still posts commentary, reviews, and helpful tips for the current iteration of the popular game series.

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