Battlefield 3 – (BF3): The Christmas Noob’s Guide to Battlefield 3

This took me around 9 hours in total to edit this and gather the gameplay, if you could all like and favourite that would be amazing. Thanks guys. Merry Christmas! Jet Tips Commentary: Follow me on Twitter: SUBMIT YOUR FUNNY CLIPS AT SUBSCRIBE to the Battlefield 3 Show EVERYONE JOIN MY BF3 PLATOON – Henry Company — Follow me on Twitter: Add me to your circle on Google+ Like me on Facebook: Watch my Live stream here: — Battlefield 3 bf3 multiplayer gameplay xbox ps3 pc Battlefield 3 bf3 multiplayer gameplay xbox ps3 pc Battlefield 3 bf3 multiplayer gameplay xbox ps3 pc

PC Battlefield 3 – Stutter / Lag / Freeze NVIDIA (MULTIPLAYER)

Well first of all hello everyone. I’ve such of lag or stutter in bf3. When i move/walk/sprint then it will 2 secs freeze or stutter as you see in the video. It’s like you run 5steps then he does 2 steps backwards. It’s very annoying. (ONLY MULTIPLAYER) i tried million servers but it is the same. So it isn’t one or two servers just all of them does stutter. Singleplayer is okay. No lag or stutter. So i’m sure it’s a Server Problem or my network just sucks with 10 MB Per Second. FPS: 90~120 FPS (With Video Capture): 70+ My PC Specs: i7 @4.20Ghz(overclocked). 12GB RAM. 1TB HDD. 2x GPU Geforce GTX 550 ti(Superclocked + SLI). 10MBits Internet. EVGA X58 SLI3 Motherboard. I’d heard that you have to turn off HyperTechnology, well i did but no difference at all. I also fixed registry and cleaned my pc. I turned off all Antivirus programs but it still stutters/lag/freeze. So is it NVIDIA Driver problem? Or it’s one of my pc components or it’s bf3? any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.

Battlefield 3: Get to the Chopper! w/ Levelcap: Oman & Canals Ep. 10

Hey guys. Today’s Get to the Chopper, Levelcap and I are on Gulf of Oman and Canals. We have two exciting matches with loads of action. Get to the Chopper is a series where we get into the attack helicopter and do our best to dominate the battlefield. Subscribe for more Battlefield 3 videos. Matimi0: LevelCap: Previous Video: Battlefield 3: Attachment Combinations – Post Patch Follow me on Twitter: Follow me on Facebook:

Battlefield 3 (BF3-PC) Online Multiplayer Gameplay Footage Fraps Test 1080p

This is some gameplay of me playing Battlefield 3 (PC version) multiplayer online in a full 64 player server. In this video I have only had 4 hours of experience in this game and honestly had no idea where anything was in this map. I mainly made this video as a test to see how well the game handled with Fraps recording it. When first hitting the hot key to start recording there was a very small delay in frames in-game but after that everything was as usual, with my current set up I had absolutely no performance or quality loss while playing. I have the game on preset-High settings, not using Ultra due to some bugs I was experiencing once in while when using Ultra settings. My specifications: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit AMD Phenom II X4 @ 3.2Ghz (Stock 955 Black Edition) 8GB DDR2(800Mhz) PC6400 Patriot Memory EVGA Nvidia GTX 560 Ti Superclocked (900Mhz GPU Core / 4212Mhz Memory Clock) Stock 1.5Tb Seagate Green Hard Drive @ 5900RPM (1 partiton(OS & Fraps)) Two 150Gb Western Digital Raptors @ 10000RPM each (RAID-0 Striped, 1 partition(Battlefield 3 only)) 700W OCZ Power Supply Air Cooling Battlefield 3 Settings: 1920×1080 Resolution High preset Fraps Settings: F9 Hot Key for Video Capture 60FPS Full-size (1920×1080) Original Fraps output size of raw video: 14.4gb(split up into 4 files) After compression: 403mb Used Sony Vegas Pro 11.0 for piecing each video file together and compressing using MP4(1920×1080) settings. I intend on making and releasing more Battlefield 3 videos