Kamikaze Jeep

The Kamikaze Jeep, one of the age old classics of the Battlefield series. The source of rage and laughter among many a Battlefield player, that’s for sure. Battlefield 3 is no different, featuring the
best maps that work in your favour when playing as the Kamikaze Jeep class. Load up a truck with C4 charges or mines, hop in the drivers seat, and hope everyone else on board knows what you are planning to do, because it’s about the be a wild ride! Dodging machine gun fire and tank rounds as you close in on your target, the jeep is being pummel from every angle, yet you push on towards your target,
the lone anti-air vehicle that has been harassing your jets for the last ten minutes.

You are close now, perhaps no more than 100 meters away. You’ve disappeared behind a hill and are no longer taking incoming rounds. 50 meters, you prepare to bail from your bomb laden death truck, your palms sweat as you can smell the sweet stench of victory that awaits. 15 meters. 10 meters. Suddenly and without any warning at all, a single sniper bullet ruins the day, plinking you in the head from some vast distance. How could it be!? How could he have hit you with such accuracy, and from such distance? In a moving target no less!

The Kamikaze Jeep veers hard to the left and misses the target, the driver of the anti-air gun completely oblivious to his near death. He simply continues to shoot down your precious jets and choppers as
if you never had him at all.

That damn sniper! He must be using an aimbot, or a wall hack, or SOMETHING that made that shot possible! Or maybe, just maybe, he’s just naturally skillful. The most likely scenario however, is that he
read the Battlefield 3 Dominator Guide, and followed it to a tee. Perfect headshots every time, from vast distances? Easy, once you’ve read the guide. The Battlefield 3 dominator guide gives you the
ammo you need to pull off shots you previously thought impossible. It will help you master all modes, from Conquest to Rush and beyond. You will be the player that gets accused of cheating; How else
could you possibly be so good?