PC Battlefield 3 – Stutter / Lag / Freeze NVIDIA (MULTIPLAYER)

Well first of all hello everyone. I’ve such of lag or stutter in bf3. When i move/walk/sprint then it will 2 secs freeze or stutter as you see in the video. It’s like you run 5steps then he does 2 steps backwards. It’s very annoying. (ONLY MULTIPLAYER) i tried million servers but it is the same. So it isn’t one or two servers just all of them does stutter. Singleplayer is okay. No lag or stutter. So i’m sure it’s a Server Problem or my network just sucks with 10 MB Per Second. FPS: 90~120 FPS (With Video Capture): 70+ My PC Specs: i7 @4.20Ghz(overclocked). 12GB RAM. 1TB HDD. 2x GPU Geforce GTX 550 ti(Superclocked + SLI). 10MBits Internet. EVGA X58 SLI3 Motherboard. I’d heard that you have to turn off HyperTechnology, well i did but no difference at all. I also fixed registry and cleaned my pc. I turned off all Antivirus programs but it still stutters/lag/freeze. So is it NVIDIA Driver problem? Or it’s one of my pc components or it’s bf3? any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.