Playing as Support Class in Battlefield 3

Playing as the Support class in Battlefield 3 is all about supporting your team mates,
as the name would indicate. Featuring the ability to drop bags of ammunition to keep your teammates ammo stocked up,as well as fire long continuous bursts at enemies to keep them suppressed, the Support class is an absolute necessity in a four man squad that is playing cohesively as a team.

By keeping enemies suppressed, you ensure your squad can maneuver into positions
that will allow them to overwhelm and kill the enemy.
By dropping ammunition bags for your squad constantly,
you ensure your squad always has plenty of grenades on hand for those close range engagements with the enemy.

When firing to suppress an enemy or an area, you are providing a great deal of help to your Battlefield 3 teammates. With the enemy frantically looking for a place that will provide cover from your bursts of fire, your teammates will be able to completely overwhelm the suppressed and scared enemy. Simply put, a Support gunner placing suppressing fire on a location can be the difference between capturing a point or having an attack fail. The Battlefield 3 Support class can wield a variety of weapons,
from more simple machine guns like the RPK, to modern legends like the M60
and M249, both of which have tremendous strengths. The M60 being fired on a location continuously with the extended magazine perk

will provide suppressing fire for ages and ages before a reload is required. The M249 on the other
hand is amazing for close quarters engagements, with its high rate of fire and excellent accuracy,
it will put an enemy down quickly and without fuss.

To many players playing as the Support class in Battlefield 3 are simply trying to Rambo it,
and will never be very successful as a result. The whole idea behind the Support class is that you support your
team and squad mates. By doing so, and doing so properly, you will be able to ensure victory for your squad and team.
The Battlefield 3 Dominator guide has a great strategy section for the BF3 Support class that I recommend checking out when you get the chance. You will be winning games left and right in no time if you follow the easy to understand BF3