For many, the Recon class in Battlefield 3 is one of the most difficult classes to play. While staying back and out of the fight sounds like it would be a ticket to easy town,

it’s actually quite difficult, as your targets are now much, much farther away!
The best way to snipe in Battlefield 3 is to find a nice comfortable rock, or something else that is solid and easy to hide behind. You can hide behind bushes as well, but they won’t offer any protection when you are spotted and start taking fire.

The trick to being an amazing sniper is patience and technique, something the Battlefield 3 Dominator guide touches on in great detail. All to often you will see snipers blasting away at everything that
moves, giving away their position constantly only to end up dead or wounded. The best snipers aren’t the guys with 30 kills at the end of the round, they are the guys with 3 or 4. Sure, it might not be
the best way to level up or pad your stats, but those were 3 or 4 shots that actually mattered. A great sniper makes their shots count, with the BF3 Dominator guide will help you make sure those shots count every single time. You won’t be missing any more shots when you follow the guides rules. And most of of your kills will come by way of headshots or ultra effective upper body hits.

It’s time to stop being just another mediocre Battlefield 3 player. Try out the Battlefield 3 Dominator guide to give yourself the extra edge you need to progress from average player to most valuable player, every single game. No one will be able to touch you as you silently creep from spot to spot, picking off helpless enemies as you move. For once, the player running the Recon class will not only
contribute to his team’s effort, he will win the round for his team.

If you want to be the MVP time and time again, download the Battlefield 3 Dominator pack now. You will be blown away by how quickly and easily it is to pick up the simple rules you will need to follow in order to be a master sniper. It’s time to start owning!