Support Class

The hardest part about getting into Battlefield 3 is figuring out which class and weapons are right for you.
Some people love to stay back at a distance, firing from the relative safety that a rock or a
tree provides. People like that might enjoy playing Recon, killing their enemies from afar using high tech sniper rifles.
Other people might enjoy spraying and praying, a technique that involves running
around firing wildly at everything that moves in hopes of killing something. For gamers like that, the Support class might suit you well.

Both the Recon and Support classes appear to be vastly different from one another,
yet they are actually much closer than you have been lead to believe. Simply put, a great Support gunner can lock down
an area just as well, if not better than a Recon sniper. How is this possible?
Technique. By using the Support class properly, you can be one of the most beneficial members of your team. Using a Support
weapon like the M249 to kill enemies from afar is actually much easier than it appears to be, and the Battlefield 3 Dominator guide proves that perfectly. By following the rules and techniques outlined in the BF3 Dominator guide,
you will master the art of the Support class, killing enemies from great distances with headshots, without the use of cheats or trainers.

It has been said that the Recon class is overpowered and cheap, and should be removed from the game.
We disagree.
When used properly, the Support class is far, far more effective at killing the enemy and
winning rounds than the Recon class could ever hope to be. In the hands of a skilled player,
the Support class is the most deadly class in Battlefield 3.
To find out how and why, we recommend downloading the Battlefield 3 Dominator guide.
With great technique comes great power and skill as a player.