Mastering individual classes in Battlefield 3 can be a real chore, especially if you don’t enjoy a certain aspect of
one of the classes that you are attempting to master. The Assault class in Battlefield 3
now plays two roles. Assault (duh!) and medic. It’s up to the assaulters in your squad to bring you back from death when you die, something many assault class players simply don’t bother to do.
This brings us to the age old Battlefield 3 problem of teamwork, or the lack of it.
Simply put, to master Battlefield 3, you must master the art of teamwork.
Working together to accomplish a goal is the only way to win round after round in Battlefield 3.
With everyone trying to be Rambo, nothing will ever be accomplished.
Sure, you may score lots of kills, but you’ll die a lot and ruin your K/D ratio,
and you will contribute absolutely nothing to the end goal of the round, regardless of what it is.

When one or more squads in a BF3 match utilize teamwork, the results can and will be amazing.
Objectives will be getting captured left and right, and the enemy team will be in disarray as they desperately
attempt to hold points with single men. One man can only hold a position for so long before he is overrun.
When you have an entire team rolling teamwork style, the enemy will have no chance.
They will barely be able to spawn, let alone capture points or kill anyone.
The true goal of any Conquest match is to hold every point for as long as possible, something that sounds difficult…
Until you begin to use teamwork!
Stories of entire teams being forced to spawn on their aircraft carrier the entire round are true!

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