What is the Battlefield2.us Point System for ?

Since more and more users register here at battlefield2.us I get a lot of emails asking what are the points for you get for posting in the Forum.

Here is the Explanation in detail.

For ever Thread you start you get points same goes for every Post/Reply and also if a registered user reads your thread.

What can you do with all these Points ?
That’s what the Point Store is all about, in here you can buy so called actions, actions can be as simple as,

Buy a Bold username (buy this and make your username bold)
Buy a glowing Username (buy this and make your username stand out with a glow color of your choice)

Actions can get as big as :

Buy access to a secret Forum (There are two Forums out there atm and you can only see them and post threads and download shit if you buy access to it cost : 1000 Points.

There are 18 actions in total.

You can also steal from people, but if your theft attempt goes for some reason wrong you can end up loosing some points yourself, the person you tried to steal from will be aware that you tried to steal points from him plus your reputation level goes down.